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A video describing the future of health care.


For the healthcare system to have a sustainable future, it must adapt to the changing needs of an aging population. At iUGO Health, we’re building the future of healthcare today. 

With innovative technology, we’re creating solutions that bring healthcare to home and community settings; improving health outcomes for patients and driving efficiency for providers.

iUGO Health is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Reliq Health Technologies, Inc.


Our innovative and comprehensive solutions include remote patient monitoring, care management, wound care tracking, and telemedicine. 

We’re making it possible for patients to receive the care they need when they need it while making it easier for providers to deliver that care. 

We’re closing the gap between patients and their providers with high-tech, low-touch solutions that are leading the healthcare revolution. 

Designed by clinicians with patients in mind, our products streamline healthcare delivery and management and empower patients to be active participants in their own health and wellbeing.

A line drawing of a laptop with a message depicting a heart monitor inside it.

iUGO Care

A powerful care coordination platform.

A line drawing of a house with a cloud above it and data cycling through.

iUGO Home

Connected devices helping patients age in place.

Line drawing of a person's head with various interlocking cogs representing the brain.

iUGO Well

Promote wellness in the workplace.

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We are pleased to work with organizations helping build the future of healthcare.

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