iUGO Care is pleased to introduce Organizations, Users, and Providers. This new feature provides administrators with the ability to establish improved standards of patient data privacy by allowing them to set accessibility rules for all organizations, users, and providers in iUGO, ensuring only those who should have access to confidential patient data do.

Ethical issues in the healthcare industry cause many complications for healthcare providers and patients. In 2020 alone, 26 million US citizens were impacted by privacy breaches in the healthcare industry. 

iUGO Care’s introduction of Organizations, Users, and Providers aids in HIPAA compliance for your practice as users only have access to patient information they are permitted to see. This helps the care team identify which patients they are responsible for and prevents breaches of protected health information.  

Every patient is entitled to the right to privacy. Patients need the assurance that their personal and health information will be dealt with with the utmost standards of privacy. The Organizations, Users, and Providers function allows you to control user access to patient information within your practice.

Reliq strives to maintain the highest standards for our users. This includes ensuring patient data is kept secure and only accessible to those who are authorized to view it. To maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct, iUGO Care has gone beyond our already strict controls and has improved our privacy and protection settings.

After numerous iterations, our team of talented individuals has created the Organizations, Users, and Providers features that will cater to every organization’s privacy needs. This new feature controls user access to patients and allows users to clearly understand who is responsible for each patient. 

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