iUGO Care is pleased to introduce our new medication module.  This module allows healthcare providers to easily view, edit, track, and manage patient medication lists. Our comprehensive yet easy to navigate medication module aids physicians in medication reconciliations and allows them to change and edit medication treatment plans efficiently. 

Medication errors are a widespread occurrence in healthcare. It has been reported that the FDA receives over 100,000 medication error reports every year, and as a result of these errors, approximately 800,000 patients lose their lives. 

In light of this critical issue, iUGO Care recognized the dire need for implementing a solution to this pressing issue. iUGO Care has created our medication module to be organized, customizable, and easy to use, ensuring healthcare providers are able to view, edit, track and manage patients’ medication lists. 

Our medication module provides clinicians with an optimal healthcare delivery platform that leads to safe and efficient medication reconciliations. Utilizing this medication module will aid clinicians in providing safe and efficient care to patients. 

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) require medication management as part of care management programs’ billable activities. 

Through our medication module, you will easily be able to:

  • View and edit medication lists.
  • Add patient instructions.
  • Efficiently perform medication reconciliations.

By providing all iUGO Care users access to our medication module, we enable you to quickly and successfully incorporate the management of your patients’ active and inactive medications into their care management programs, ensuring safe and efficient care. 

Our medication module helps to mitigate medication errors, ultimately improving the quality of healthcare delivery. 

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