iUGO Care’s Behavioral Health Integration (BHI) feature helps coordinate care for patients with mental health, behavioral health, psychiatric conditions, and addiction. 

Mental health is becoming an increasingly crucial issue throughout the world. The National Institute of Medicine has reported that one in five Americans suffer from a mental health disorder. The dire need to provide mental health interventions to patients is higher than ever before. Keeping this pressing need in mind, iUGO Care has worked tirelessly to integrate BHI so all patients can benefit from this service. 

The BHI module in iUGO Care facilitates:

  • Documenting your patient’s behavioral health conditions.
  • Monitoring their progress over time.
  • Tracking billable hours through our BHI timer.

Our BHI timer allows you to easily start, pause, and resume time spent providing BHI services to your patients. The timer enables you to view how much time you have spent on each patient and how much time is remaining until you reach the next time target, ensuring you spend the right amount of time with the right patient. The timer allows you to keep an accurate account of your time and ensures that every patient receives optimal care.

The BHI timer makes it easy to bill for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services billing code 99484, which includes 20 minutes of clinical staff care management services, including developing care plans, monitoring patients’ progress, and facilitating & coordinating health treatments. 

The iUGO Care BHI Care Program and the timer ensures efficient patient care delivery and easy time tracking for billing CMS CPT 99484. 

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