iUGO Care is pleased to announce the addition of the Documents Repository module to our already dynamic platform. Our new Documents Repository module will make uploading and storing documents easier and more efficient than ever before. This will allow your care team to stay organized and have quick and easy access to all the patients’  health records to make an informed decision regarding their care plans.

iUGO Care enables healthcare teams to store all of their patients’ documentation in our documents repository. By creating a thorough and robust document database for patients’, you are able to maintain an accurate health history. Since 80% of a patient’s diagnosis is based on their health history, it is vital to have a dependable documents repository to store the documents that outline the health history. 

The ability to upload, store, and maintain documentation such as consent forms, diagnostic reports, lab work and any other necessary documentation in iUGO Care promotes interoperability between clinicians and healthcare teams. 

Our documents repository serves as a secure and HIPAA-compliant vault to upload and store confidential patient documentation. It also promotes continuity of care by ensuring the entire care team has quick, easy, and proper access to essential patient documents. This documentation is used in the decision-making process leading clinicians to provide patients with the most appropriate healthcare interventions and treatments. 

In summary, the new Documents Repository module will allow healthcare providers to upload and securely store documentation that originates outside of the platform, such as imaging reports, lab reports, consent forms, etc., into a patient’s profile. This will allow the patient’s healthcare team to remain informed of the patient’s health history to make an accurate care plan. 

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