We are pleased to introduce you to our latest exciting product, iUGO Care GO. iUGO Care GO is part of the iUGO Health suite of products and interacts with iUGO Care.

iUGO Care GO allows users to submit patients’ biometric observations through a mobile phone or a tablet to the iUGO Care platform. Being able to record patient observations through a hand-held device increases the efficiency for the user and optimizes their remote patient monitoring workflow.

iUGO Care GO allows users to quickly and easily search for their patients, record their observations, and share them in real-time with the patient care team in iUGO Care. This helps healthcare providers stay up-to-date with their patient’s health conditions, resulting in more efficient healthcare delivery.

It enables clinicians to receive real-time patient biometric observations, allowing them to closely monitor a patient’s chronic condition. This will allow clinicians to intervene before the patient has an exacerbation and will mitigate the need for emergency room visits or hospital admissions.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the need for companies to innovate and adapt to the ever-changing challenges in health care. Due to this constant state of change, the Reliq team has worked tirelessly to provide optimal solutions for our customers.

iUGO Care GO provides a mobile-friendly option for remote patient monitoring. It allows users to quickly and efficiently collect and upload patient observations into iUGO Care.

Ultimately, clinicians can rest assured that through iUGO Care GO, their patients’ observations are quickly and safely available to them, ensuring there are no barriers for clinicians to provide excellent, timely care for their patients.