iUGO Care

iUGO Health has built a powerful platform for care coordination and home healthcare that integrates wearables, sensors, voice technology and intuitive mobile apps and desktop user interfaces for patients, families, clinicians and healthcare administrators.

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Core Features

The next generation platform for chronic disease management and remote patient monitoring.

Integrated Devices

We have developed a software suite that works with the latest Bluetooth devices in mHealth to capture vital signs remotely. Our platform can be customized to meet a variety of chronic conditions and recovery applications.

Connected Care Teams

We strive to improve communication within care circles and teams in healthcare. Our mission is to reduce readmissions of patients through preventative wellness. We give patients the tools that empower them to achieve their health care goals.

Multiplatform Approach

We work on all of your favourite devices and are easily integrated into existing hospital IT infrastructure. Working on the web, Windows, Android and iOS, iUGO has the reach to be with care teams at all times.


iUGO Care allows complex patients to receive high quality care at home, improving health outcomes, enhancing quality of life for patients and families and reducing the cost of care delivery. Our platform provides real-time access to remote patient monitoring data, allowing for timely interventions by the care team to prevent costly hospital readmissions and ER visits.

Collaborative Care Plans - Empower patients and caregivers to follow and track their care.

Secure Messaging - Simplest, most secure way to send and receive messages.

Telehealth - Physician visits can be scheduled in advance or held on-demand.

Medication Management - Guide dosage and scheduling for complex medication therapies.

Family Sharing - Include patients’ family and friends in the circle of care.

Notifications - Automatic reminders and alerts sent to the phone, desktop, & email.

Tailored Education - Deliver rich and engaging content that adapts for any screen.

Health Trends - Visualize months of data and quickly identify trends.

Robust Administrative Dashboard

Patients, Family and Providers can access data anytime.

Collaborative Care

iUGO Health’s patent-pending technology is the only solution today that supports comorbidity cases and coordination across patient’s entire circle of care.

Rich Analytics

iUGO Care’s dashboard analytics give providers real-time feedback from their engagement data and optimizes for the best outcome.

Content Agnostic

iUGO Care is a content-agnostic platform enabling the delivery of any care plan, pathway, health assessment, or patient reported outcome.

Built For Enterprise Healthcare

Hospitals, Clinics, Community Care, Agencies and Government Services.

Security - iUGO Care is HIPAA compliant and secured end-to-end with TLS and AES encryption.

High Scalability - Architected for massive scale from 100 to 1+ million patients.

Open API - Our fully-documented API can be integrated with any software system in healthcare.

Wearables - iUGO Care works with all major sensors, and Internet of Things devices to enhance real-time patient monitoring at home.

Patients at the centre of care.

The iUGO Care platform was built and designed with Patients in mind. At home monitoring and care administration is made seamless with modern mobile tech tools.


Here's what people are saying about the iUGO Health patient management platform iUGO Care.

Luc Sirois – Co-Founder and Leader at Hacking Health

iUGO is an impressive concept that was realized collaboratively. Since its inception, the iUGO team has achieved impactful milestones at record speeds. The current offering provides incredible impact on patients, care givers, and the healthcare system as a whole.

Henry Long – Senior Investment Officer | Department for International Trade (DIT)

Their enabling technology will redefine the industry and enhance patient connectivity by developing tools to improve patient outcomes, quality and response time.

David Greenwood – Product Manager Monitoring and Mobile Ι OTN

iUGO is an innovative concept to deliver direct-to-patient care where it's needed, how it's need, when it's needed.

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