The iUGO Care team was in Chicago to promote the patient monitoring platform at the annual opens in a new windowAmerican Telemedicine Association conference. From April 29th to May 1st, the team met with medical professionals, executive leaders, and entrepreneurs to talk about how iUGO Care is leading the charge in community-based care. The conference itself had over 4,500 attendees and offered a wide range of learning opportunities on topics ranging from artificial intelligence and value-based care to patient engagement and robotics. Keynote speakers included Lisa Bielamowicz, MD, Jo Ann Jenkins, and Robert Wachter, MD. As we head into the summer months, busier than ever and looking forward to continuing to roll out iUGO Care for patients in US and Canada, we will be attending further conferences and events to showcase how the solution helps those suffering from chronic illnesses, recovering from surgery or treatments, and in rural areas.

Check back with us for information on where the iUGO Care team will be next. For scheduling demos or meeting with our sales team email info@iugocare.comcreate new email.