Toronto-based Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) software developer Reliq Health has been named one of 2018’s Top 10 Remote Patient Monitoring Solution Providers by  opens in a new windowHealthcare Tech Outlook Magazine.

Healthcare Tech Outlook Magazine is a print magazine published in Fremont, California, which features CEOs, CIOs, VCs, CTOs and other decision makers — sharing their insights and perspective on the healthcare industry.  A panel of experts, technology leaders and editorial board members of Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine finalized the Top 10 Remote Patient Monitoring Solution Providers 2018 and selected the top providers that leverage innovative technologies and strategies to enhance patient monitoring capabilities. opens in a new windowView the Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine’s Top 10 Remote Patient Monitoring Solution Providers 2018.

Reliq Health Technologies sees the power of a connected health solution helping to close the gap between in-person clinician visits. Through merging integrated health devices with patients at home, we are able to help clinicians monitor patients in between doctors visits — preventing expensive hospital readmissions and allowing them to capitalize on Medicare and Medicaid billing codes to increase revenue for their business. Through iUGO Care’s Remote Patient Monitoring solution, we are helping clinicians move health care and its delivery into patients’ homes creating a new era of continuous health and personalized care with the added benefit of tapping into additional revenue sources.

The iUGO Care Remote Patient Monitoring solution is designed to inspire and enable the next generation of connected health and wellness innovations. Our platform can be paired with almost any connected health device allowing those managing chronic diseases such as Diabetes, to capture and monitor their glucose and insulin levels, and those with hypertension to capture their blood pressure. The data is captured and shared in real-time providing the patient’s care team with a better picture of the patient’s information thereby allowing them to make more informed decisions related to their health and promoting better health care outcomes.

Unlike other cloud-based platforms, iUGO Care was built hand in hand with clinicians and other healthcare professionals. Our solution allows for seamless integration with over 97% of Bluetooth, WiFi and SIM Card Enabled biometric devices. Our multi-layer security protects sensitive health information and safeguards patient privacy.

By providing a continuum of care clinicians and home health care, businesses can reduce infrastructure costs and create a smoother and a more cost-efficient solution to value-based care. Clinicians will experience closer, more personalized connectivity with their team and their patients at the point of care and across care settings. Patients, in turn, are able to take more control of their personal health and wellness journey. The solution expands the reach of the healthcare team and reinforces the importance of managing care for patients.

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