iUGO Care is pleased to introduce you to our new Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) timer.  Our RPM timer takes the stress of tracking RPM time off of clinicians and instead enables them to simply focus on providing RPM care services to their patients. 

Our RPM timer allows clinicians to quickly start, pause, and resume time spent providing RPM services to their patients. The timer ensures efficiency in a clinician’s practice, as they will see precisely how much time they have spent on each patient and how much more time is needed to meet additional time and billing thresholds.   

For any healthcare provider, having efficient time-management skills is key to reducing work-related stress and even mistakes. By prioritizing your time, you will spend the appropriate amount of time needed on each patient, resultantly improving the quality of healthcare provided to each patient. 

The timer allows clinicians to easily utilize two billing codes introduced by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).  This includes billing for the first 20 minutes of RPM services (CPT 99457), as well as allowing you to bill separately for an additional 20 minutes of RPM services (CPT 99458). 

By seeing the exact amount of time you have spent providing RPM services for your patient and how much more time is needed to meet the additional 20-minute threshold, you can ensure the right amount of time is spent with the right patients.  

The iUGO RPM timer ensures efficient patient care delivery and easy time-tracking for billing CMS CPT 99457 and 99458. 

For more information or to see a demo contact us today.